Peak Cryotherapy and Massage    

How Cool Is This?


Whole-Body Cryotherapy:

               Introductory Session:        $29 or 3 for $99

                 Single Session:                      $55           

                 5-Session Package:          $250

                 10-Session Package:       $450        

                 20-Session Package:       $800

                 Cryo+60 min. massage:   $110

Cryotherapy Membership: Purchase a 1-year membership for only $99 and enjoy unlimited treatments for $29! 

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Cryo-Glo Facial

Cryo-Glo Facial:

              Introductory Session:  $25 or 3/for $99

              Single Session:$50

              5-Session Package:$200

             10-Session Package: $350 

             Add to another service: $20

Cryo-Glo Membership: Purchase a 1-year membership for only $99 and enjoy unlimited treatments for $25!


Therapeutic/Relaxation/Sports:          30 min.: $45  60 min.: $80    90 min.:  $115

Customized to suit your needs with no upcharge.

Reflexology                       30 min.: $50  

An alternative therapy involving the application of pressure to the feet with specific techniques that is designed to help the body restore itself naturally. Reflexology can help to alleviate stress, reduce tension, anxiety and pain, and improve circulation and nerve function.

Reflexology+Massage                                                     60 min.: $85     90 min.: $120

Add 30 minutes of Reflexology to your customized massage.         


Mu-Xing (with Kate)                                                         60 min.: $80      90 min.: $115 

Mu-Xing incorporates a variety of massage strokes designed to address ischemic tissue, while promoting a deep sense of overall well being and relaxation. This treatment utilizes various heated instruments created from the purest forms of wood, combines with a custom blend of oil. 

You can sample Mu-Xing techniques during your massage with no up-charge. Just ask when you schedule your appointment

New massage clients enjoy a 20% discount!

Memberships include access to additional discounts.
Purchase any 2 Memberships for only $179!