Peak Cryotherapy and Massage    

How Cool Is This?

Wellness and Recovery

Peak Cryotherapy is the premier wellness location in Delaware dedicated to offering whole-body cryotherapy, which can reduce pain and inflammation, improve skin condition and tone and speed recovery from muscle soreness.

We also offer full 30-, 60- or 90-minute massages, customized to meet your unique needs. You can even try a unique and relaxing Mu-Xing massage!

New: NormaTec is the leader in rapid recovery. This dynamic compression system gives a competitive edge to the world's elite athletes, coaches, trainers and now, YOU! 

Try our Cryo-Glo facial! Refresh and rejuvenate with a chemical-free facial that uses cold air to help minimize pores, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and stimulate collagen production for a tighter and brighter complexion.

From our Clients:

"Trained legs last night so I'm getting my immediate recovery in! Completed cryotherapy and now an hour of NormaTec to get this lactic acid broke up and healthy circulation flowing! Normally I'm EXHAUSTED the day after leg day but I woke up feeling refreshed from this same session yesterday. When I tell you that I had THE BEST LEG WORKOUT OF MY LIFE LAST NIGHT it's all because of these fine gems!! I was super strong, full of energy and felt the muscle moving in ways I've never felt it move before!! HANDS DOWN INCREDIBLE!! Not to mention I'm doing it for the other health benefits such as, anti aging, calorie burning, skin tightening(not that I need it by why not prepare for the older years to come?!) IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY, endorphins release, mood enhancing, increased oxygen levels to the brain, boosts metabolism, increases production of collagen, reduces fatigue, decreases inflammation. I highly recommend that everyone seeks out to these treatments for they are so beneficial!" R. Sadler

"Love Peak Cryotherapy. Had been experiencing knee pain and decided to give Cryo a try after seeing it on TV. After a few visits, I can honestly say my knee pain is about 90% better. Cryotherapy is awesome. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff reflects their enthusiasm for this cutting edge treatment!"

D. Nash, Wilmington

"Magic... Pure magic is the only reason behind this! What a great session. I was completely in awe of what this does to your body! I can not wait to go back! Staff is super friendly also!"

Jason S. Wilmington

"Really wonderful staff and beautiful facility. My fiancé and I tried the cryotherapy, and attended a special event they were hosting which featured meditation. The staff was so informative, friendly and guided us through what we were doing. We will definitely be adding the cryotherapy to our wellness regime. We look forward to coming back soon!"
Liz F., Wilmington